Piaggio Safety Moto Airbag Jacket

Piaggio Safety Moto Airbag Jacket Piaggio Safety Moto Airbag Jacket

The new airbag backpack from Piaggio.

The ultimate solution in back protection.

Video demonstrates use on Piaggio MP3 and Piaggio Medley.

The new backpack Piaggio Airbag Safety Project with Moto airbag system:

The only pneumatic back protector with certified technology EN1621/4:2013.

Using this Piaggio safety product in case of impact to the backbone of the rider of a Scooter or Motorbike is subjected to a residual energy nine times lower than the best rigid back protector level 2. The pneumatic system is inserted in an "active" container designed with the shape of a comfortable backpack, that can be easily used by the Scooter or Motorbike rider without any other specific garment. The backpack, once worn and adjusted, is ready to offer the rider the maximum safety.

Airbag backpack

Premium quality safety device

Description: Piaggio Airbag backpack
Gender: Unisex, can be used by male or female
One size: fits all
Can be worn over any item of clothing or combined with dedicated Scooter or Motorbike clothing.
Airbag backpack is completely free of rigid section and can be used on any Scooter or Motorbike

Cost: 525.00GBP

Available options:

1. Airbag backpack pockets - 606106M
2. Airbag backpack recharge - 606107M
3. Airbag backpack belt - 606336M

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