Mitas MC 20 Monsum (Sava) Scooter Tyre 3.50 x 10" 51P

Mitas MC 20 Monsum (Sava) Scooter Tyre 3.50 x 10

At Go Full Throttle we stock a range of wheels, tyres & tubes. Brands such as Michelin, Dunlop, Continental, Heidenau, Mitas (Sava) and many more.

We have a good range of tyres for numerous scooters & motorbikes. If we don't have them in stock we can order them in for your specific bike. We are Scotland's largest stockist of tyres for Vespa, Lambretta, Scomadi, Royal Alloy, Modena, Piaggio MP3, Aprilia motorbikes etc.

We offer standard tube or tubeless tyres, standard or whitewalls.

We are currently offering Mitas MC 20 Monsum (Sava) scooter tyres 3.50 x 10",51P rating from £25.50 each or Mitas MC 20 Monsum Whitewalls (Sava) scooter tyres 3.50 x 10", 51P rating from £35.50 each

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