Knox Scaphoid Protection System

Knox Scaphoid Protection System Knox SPS is featured on EVERY Knox glove.

Knox Patented Scaphoid Protection System

Knox SPS works by adding two 'skids" (sliders) to the palm of the glove, one of which covers the general area over the scaphoid. The second slider acts as a bridge and stops the grab and twist effect. This system protects the hand from compression fracture and hyper-extension, caused by the grab effect when a leather palm grips the road surface and forward momentum carries the rider's body over the hand. SPS allows the outstretched hand to slide along at the same speed and remain in front of the rider's body.

What happens in a Scooter or Motorbike crash?

SPS fall

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Knox Covert Leather Motorcycle Glove

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Product Overview

3 Season Soft Leather Waterproof Motorcycle glove using patented OutDry Technology.
This glove has a total laminated membrane to the back of the leather so cannot absorb water past the leather exterior so the glove does not become heavy with water in the rain. Also the fingers will not pull out which is a massive frustration for so many riders!

Perfect spring/summer/autumn glove and without added bulk.

This patented technology replaces standard waterproof inserts that are used in all other motorcycle gloves and is a huge step forward in waterproof glove technology making the glove waterproof and breathable and without extra thickness.

Key Features

  • The OutDry membrane is bonded directly to the shell and completely seals the stitching. This ensures that the inner remains completely dry.
  • Perfect Fit - Increased Dexterity - because the membrane is bonded to the shell. This makes the glove thinner giving greater feel and sensitivity.
  • Windproof - With OutDry bonded membrane technology, wind is blocked on the outer surface. With conventional construction, air can penetrate the exterior and fill the space between shell and membrane.
  • Highly Breathable - The OutDry System prevents moisture build up between shell and membrane which allows body vapour to easily push through the glove, keeping hands dry on the inside.
  • Full 1.0mm Korean Cowhide construction.
  • Pittards digital goat leather 0.8mm overlay used on palm and finger tips for increased durability.
  • Patented low profile Knox Scaphoid Protection System (SPS) on the palm (Patent No EP1594378) to eliminate the grab effect that occurs when a leather palm makes contact with the road, reducing the risk of hyper extension which can be the cause of a broken scaphoid
  • Soft silicone knuckle for added comfort.
  • Velcro wrist closure for a secure fit.
  • Waterproof zip used for ease of use when putting on/taking off the glove.
  • Accordion stretch panels on fingers, thumb and top of hand for increased flexibility.
  • Strategically placed 4mm biofoam panels placed on thumb, top of hand and outer wrist.
    Box construction fingers for increased dexterity.
  • Low profile cuff section of the glove so that it fits well under jackets.

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