5 Scooters You Should Drive In 2020 (Vespa Elettrica) - According to the prestigious US economic newspaper Forbes

2020 Vespa Elettrica

You didn’t think we’d neglect electric scooters, did ya? This handsome devil is the electric version of Vespa’s Primavera about, motivating with a lithium-ion battery and a 4kW motor “guaranteed” to achieve 62 miles on a single charge, though we’ll have to put that to the test on the practically vertical hills of Seattle in March. The Electtrica is also packed with the latest in electronics with its remote key, LED surround lights, USB charger, Ride-by-Wire, and two riding modes for you to choose from. And - what’s this? Reverse! HFS.

What’s impressive, too, is the 4.3 inch color TFT digital dashboard providing riding parameters and offering “journey statistics” for those interested in such things. The Vespa Mia system , too, allows for connectivity between vehicle and smartphone - at last! - so you don’t need to pull over and look at your phone to see where the next turn is. The app also saves the parameters and last position of the vehicle, so there isn’t any “Dude, where’s my scooter?”

It’s a mere 4 hours for a full recharge, but you also benefit from motorsport tech known as KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) that recharges the battery while decelerating. It’s also infinitely customizable, with seven color options and seat trims. You can also get a special Bluetooth Jet helmet.

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